Beach Buggy Kits

Mk VII (SWB) and Mk VIII (LWB) kits are available in many gel impregnated colours. Moulded in side panels and a rolled edge all around the body provide excellent torsional rigidity and make our bodies the strongest on the market!

Both models utilise 5 ¾” headlamp units and are supplied complete with windscreen, headlamp rims and number plate lamp.

Other parts can be sourced on your behalf.


Repairs / Restorations

All panels for current, and some earlier models, are available separetly as are panels to replace headlamp nachelles that have been removed. We will gladly take on service and repairs and assist with other makes of beach buggies.


Turn-key Buggies

Kits can be assembled to any required stage. We can also build turn-key beach buggies to your specification.


Please contact us for prices, due to varying material costs.